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Established 1920s • Abandoned 1968 • Restored 1995


Vermont fruit and vegetable growers suffered a severe spring freeze on May 18, 2023. No farm escaped, although the impact was less devastating at some protected locations. Historic rainfall and prolonged saturated ground have compounded the challenges of growing fruit that suffered severe stress as the pollinated flowers struggled to develop seeds.

Despite these setbacks, Whitman Brook’s many apple varieties, hillside location, and beneficial airflow has resulted in a good crop. We look forward to seeing you again in the fall.

Did you know?

  • A temperature of 28 degrees kills 10% of blossoms or fruit, while 25 degrees kills 90%.

  • Apples trees like plenty of water to drink, but cannot tolerate wet feet.

  • Rain and humidity are the cause of most apple diseases.

  • Soggy ground makes the operation of a tractor difficult or impossible, which hinders the mowing we do to hasten drying and spraying to treat disease.

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